LED specialists - video walls are our passion

Since the turn of the millennium, they have made an almost triumphant entry into the event landscape. With a rapid development they change visual concepts and presentation possibilities: LED video walls and LED creative products. We at AVMS Germany GmbH are the LED specialists in Germany.

We have the right LED modules for every application

The first LED walls were still coarse pixelated, insanely heavy and thirsty for power. Today, such products are only used for background effects. Modern LED products now immerse the viewer in fantastic virtual worlds. They allow the lowest viewing distances and revolutionize the market in terms of variability and brightness, while at the same time consuming very little power.

The finest pixel spacing with innovative, precise signal processing for complex content and fast refresh rates, extreme contrast depths, fanless and therefore silent operation, temperature-neutral applications, lightweight materials and flexible structures describe just some of the advantages of this segment.

Embedded in the location architecture – indoors or outdoors – LED products fascinate with their design diversity as well as highest, efficient efficiency in the reproduction of communication content. Further radical innovations are guaranteed – we are on board.

Our broad LED portfolio covers all known areas of application.

Current high-resolution modules allow the fine display of fonts without impairing readability. The viewing distance can be short.

Our ultra-light modules are perfect for ceiling mounting. They are easy to install and save expensive hanging points on exhibition ceilings. Bendable LED modules bring with them new creative possibilities. LED walls in convex and concave form are possible. Also suitable for the creative sector are transparent LED modules. They leave the room its depth.

Something very special is our high resolution LED floor, qualitatively unique in Germany. As a slightly less high-resolution variant, it can even be used interactively.

LED walls are our passion, which we are happy to share with you and your customers. No matter how, where or when.

Our competence does not end after the successful installation of complex LED projects, we also take care of the maintenance. In our in-house LED workshop we are also able to repair third-party products.

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