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When musicians go on a big tour and stand in front of their fans on a big stage, there is often a whole troop of equipment and technicians on the road with them. It’s similar with roadshows for big corporate events or product launches. An Roadshow serves as a marketing tool to actively seek customer proximity. With this promotion you present your product for example in interesting event locations, hotels or in different branches of your company. Be it nationally or internationally.

A tour, road show or in-house exhibition places high demands on the planning and logistics of such events. Often there is little time for on-site assembly and dismantling, as the space is only rented for a short time or is needed for the production of goods or other purposes.

We will be happy to assist you with advice and give you full throttle in the technical planning, organisation and implementation.

Our planners inquire about the conditions on site, establish contact with the responsible persons at the event location, coordinate deliveries and deliveries to and from the event and much more.

The technicians from AVMS Germany GmbH are used to the procedures on site and move the material, which is optimised for these operations, with routine. By using stages and exhibition components that can be set up quickly, we rock the set-up in a sprint.

This saves you costs and valuable time. We can also take care of customs procedures for the import of goods into non-EU countries.

Rigging, lighting and sound technology, video walls, interactive touch solutions, computers and network technologywe gladly bring along.

If you wish, we can also take over the participant management for you. This allows you to focus fully on your tasks.

We can draw on many years of experience and are therefore exactly the right partner for you. Just contact us!

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