Energy supply at events

Just as nutrition is the deciding factor for a person’s performance, the technology that ensures the power supply of all electrical and electronic devices is just as important. AVMS has the latest generation of power distributors, independent power supplies and regularly UVV tested cables.

Power generators, power storage, power distribution and cable routes

Especially at open-air events there is sometimes a lack of the necessary energy supply. In this case, power generators such as petrol or diesel gensets can help.

For small outdoor applications with low power consumption or short operating time, it is sufficient to use a fully charged UPS or a powerbank.

For safety reasons, the control rooms of our events, conferences and trade fairs are protected by an independent power supply, so that in the event of power fluctuations or short-term failures, the highly sensitive equipment can continue to operate without damage.

We attach great importance to the fact that our power distribution units meet the highest safety standards. All our distribution boards have a separate RCBO for each circuit, so that the entire distribution board is not switched off in the event of a trip.

The grounding of spotlights or truss systems is often treated very stepmotherly. For this reason, AVMS works with the cPOT grounding system from Connex. All types of devices can be easily connected and grounded with a patented plug-in system.

All our cables, lines and devices are regularly checked and tested on our premises by our specialist staff in accordance with DGUV/UVV.