beMatrix LEDskin® and beTV rent or buy from bePartner AVMS the sales partner

As a stand builder, AV service provider or event agency, you should rent or buy beMatrix LEDskin® and beTV so that you can react flexibly to customer projects. We offer the beTV and modules in all available variants for rent and purchase. We are also happy to supply printed fabric panels. Everything with or without service, just as you wish.

beMatrix LEDskin® - The innovative trade show system with flush-mount LED modules

beMatrix has revolutionized the system trade fair construction. By integrating standardized components into a 62mm unit size, beMatrix has succeeded in developing a stable and quick-to-assemble system that is second to none.

Just as with complete doors and light boxes, installing LEDskin® LED modules is child’s play. Fabrics are mixed with square, curved and corner LED modules, light boxes and wooden panels. Creativity knows hardly any limits.

LEDskin® transforms your beMatrix booth into a real hotspot full of animation and movement to make your booth a real experience. With smart LEDskin® beMatrix once again revolutionizes stand construction.

From now on, combine LED modules and frames – in no time at all – to create an impressive video wall that can be seamlessly integrated into your new or existing beMatrix booth. No more individual screens, which in many cases are more of a disruptive factor than added value in a plain stand design. In addition, you are no longer limited to the maximum (standard) dimensions of individual screens. Instead, you can turn the whole thing into a completely seamless video wall.

The installation of the 75″ beTV is particularly easy. This UHD monitor can be integrated flush and offers extensive features.

Installation examples for beMatrix exhibition stands with LEDskin® modules and beTV monitor

Particularly striking is the simple possibility of integrating the LED modules truly flush with the surface of the frames. Therefore, it is not necessary to measure the modules and have the booth builder make installation niches. Plug and play really does apply here. This saves a lot of time and, of course, money.

LEDskin® are fully integrable LED modules for the sustainable beMatrix frame system

The innovative, modular and fully integrable LED wall. LEDskin® is a revolutionary product designed for stand construction with the beMatrix system. LEDskin® fascinates by the endless possibilities and guarantees a quick construction and a great look of your stand. The innovative exhibition system with integrated LED wall.

The wall can be used indoors and can be perfectly integrated into the b62 frame system. In addition to the basic square modules, there are also over-corner modules and concave and convex curve modules to enable an extremely crative design.

You don’t have to be a magician to use LEDskin®. Our LED wall allows plug & play. You just need to mount the modules, plug in cables and connect them to your video device/computer.

Printed fabrics or panels tailored to your CI

Simply use custom-fit textile strips or panels with your individual digital print for your beMatrix walls and save time and weight. The fabrics are quickly applied. Fabrics and panels are often reusable if treated with care.

beMatrix LEDskin® rent or buy? - As a bePartner, we offer exactly the service you need!

As a LEDskin® bePartner, we have a large inventory of LEDskin® modules and years of experience in the audiovisual sector. We can help you both with the perfect integration of our LEDskin® modules into your beMatrix trade show construction, and with the setup of eye-catching or complex content.

LEDskin® partners are handpicked worldwide and are audited annually!

We are LEDskin® Germany and Switzerland partner. Whether you want to buy or simply rent. We are your contact when it comes to LEDskin®. Please note our individual service levels:

beCool – DryHire rental, you pick up and return the goods yourself.

beSmart – We deliver the goods and also pick you up again.

bePerfect – We deliver, assemble, disassemble and return the material to us.

beSafe – The carefree package. We deliver, assemble, supervise on site, disassemble and return the goods.

AVMS ist bePartner für LEDskin

A video says more than 10 pictures or 1000 words, that's why you should marvel at LEDskin® on film.

LEDskin® LED modules, that means best quality for fast installation of an innovative and modular LED wall. LEDskin® is a revolutionary product designed for stand construction. LEDskin® fascinates with the endless possibilities and guarantees a quick setup and a beautiful look of your booth. The wall can be used indoors and can be perfectly integrated into the b62 frame system.

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