Conference technology - microphone system and interpreting technology

Meetings with participants from all over the world, conference calls in mobile offices, communication with customers, investors, friends and the public – all this is now an essential part of modern working life. To be able to convey all the information despite the long distances or the large audience with the right conference technology equipment is the key. Combinations of many different techniques, enable everything from two-person meetings to large conferences with thousands of participants to run smoothly.

Simultaneous technology - Flexible combination

David Bellos* writes, ” Since the emergence of this new profession, it has been clear that simultaneous interpreting is one of the most difficult things the human brain can do. A simultaneous interpreter must – contrary to instinct – talk while listening; listen while talking.

Intelligent technology supports the interpreter in this balancing act and gives him freedom. We carry the latest techniques from the mix: people guidance system, simultaneous technology and intercom technology.

* is a British literary scholar and translator.

Passenger guidance system - Simple and flexible

Our personal tour guide system Sennheiser Tourguide System shines with particularly easy handling and convinces with professional functions. The digital Tourguide 2020-D system for straightforward audio solutions in visitor guidance, conferencing and hearing support. The digital Tourguide 2020-D does not require any special technical knowledge – the intelligent technology guarantees the easiest handling.

The system is quickly ready for operation, the receiver channels can be synchronized at the push of a button already in the charging station. The entire system is designed for easy operation. In the HDE chinstrap earpiece, receiver and headphones are combined in one device. It switches on automatically when put on and is immediately ready for use. It couldn’t be simpler or more intuitive.

Tourguide 2020-D operates in the license-free ISM frequency band and is therefore ready for use extremely quickly without any complex frequency planning. Automatic functions further simplify installation and operation. If required, the functions of the system can also be extended individually. The preset frequency presets can be modified, for example, and professional antenna management can be used to further increase coverage in stationary operation.

Full flexibility for a wide range of application scenarios: Tourguide 2020-D is not only suitable for guided tours and interpreting applications, but also for hearing support in theatre or opera, hearing aids can be connected without any problems. Tourguide 2020-D is also ideally suited for temporary use and the rental business. The system is particularly quick and easy to set up and can be professionally expanded with accessories such as a transport case with integrated charging technology. Flexibility for every application and every requirement is also offered by the EP 01, HP 02 and NP 02 headphones, which have been specially developed for speech.


The round table may not always be round, you may want a parliamentary structure or one that is completely individual to you. AVMS offers conference and discussion solutions for fixed installations and rental. 

We supply complete systems for conference rooms of various room sizes with and without interpreter function, voting, language distribution, online streaming of meetings, events and functions. Interfaces for teleconferencing and videoconferencing can be used to connect two remote locations. 

It is also possible to add or remove discussion units quickly and easily without having to turn off and restart the system.