Rigging and trussing as well as motors - Statics & suspension point service

The connection between the suspension point > motor > truss is one of the most important building blocks in event technology. From here we put products in the right light and create sound experiences. LED video walls are flown or even made mobile. Advertising banners are installed. This process is also called rigging.

Trusses allow for creative construction no matter what the application. They are the basis for many applications in event technology and modern trade fair construction. Whether stamped or flown, as a stage or above the stand from the truss. With several hundred meters of truss to which technology and decorative elements are attached, you quickly reach several tons of weight that must be under the ceiling.

Our riggers are truss jugglers and plan these constructions daily for trade fairs, events, road shows and permanent installations. Perfect preparation is a cornerstone here. As a master craftsman company, we create truss plans, point load calculations and verifiable statics. We coordinate the project directly with the trade fair or event location so that nothing stands in the way of approval.

Our hanging point service for trade fairs and event locations supports you throughout Europe.

From 2-point to heavy-duty trusses, black or silver, straight, corner or circular elements, we provide you with everything you need to realize your ideas with creative structures.