Inspire the Audience - Conference, Congress and Meeting with Perfect Organization

Whether a conference, meeting or multi-day congress, such an event must always be well planned and organized, because then it runs cleanly and relaxed even at peak times. Professional participant management is part of the perfect organization.

Event technology for meeting organizers and congress organizers - Well planned, well succeeded!

Digitalization is advancing in leaps and bounds in all sectors, including the event industry. Some still hope that it will pass them by without completely turning everything that has gone before on its head. But digitization has no intention of disappearing. It also offers Training and Event Management an opportunity to simplify processes, make planning clearer, and enable evaluations.

So that you can completely take care of your issues, AVMS Germany GmbH takes some of the planning off your hands. We organize ourselves in a professional way.

For the big Stage we operate lecterns, radio microphones, audio direction, amplifiers and loudspeaker systems for you.

Are on site no Screens and projectors we can provide those as well. Alternatively, large LED video walls are used.

Guests from abroad must also be catered for. Interpreter technology and people guidance systems are then part of the standard.

We deliver voting systems, tablets or notebooks pre-configured and we take care of the necessary data deletion after the event.

We can also offer the complete technology for an existing exhibitor area. You just tell us what you need and we will take care of it.

Then it is rightly called : Inspire the Audience!

Congress Meeting Organization