Expo total - We love and live trade fairs, exhibitions and trade fair construction

The history of trade fair, exhibition and exhibition stand construction is long. For centuries, producers and merchants have been trying to draw interest to their products. Whereas in the past there were regional weekly markets and rather few products requiring explanation, the need for large marketplaces changed with industrialisation at the latest. World exhibitions and sample fairs gained in importance. Today, there are numerous industry-specific and national trade fairs around the world. Due to increased mobility, customers travel to the major trade fair locations from all parts of the world. Germany is the leading trade fair country on our globe and AVMS Germany GmbH is one of the largest event technology service providers in Germany.

Best support for stand builders already in the planning phase

Not only are trade fairs and exhibitions becoming larger and better organised, but visitors can also expect an ever more impressive presentation of products and services at the individual exhibition stands. Modern technology is hardly imaginable without it. Stand builders know this all too well.

Product samples can gain in charisma through creative lighting design and emotionalising audio recordings. Large LED walls provide a long-distance effect.

We will gladly accompany you from the very beginning of your planning. You will then benefit from our ideas at an early stage and avoid expensive implementation problems.

The growing demand for detailed information is well served by large video walls, interactive touch solutions and kiosks. A well-managed and integrated visitor feels comfortable at a booth. Sophisticated and personalized visitor management leaves a professional and lasting impression on trade fair visitors.

With an ever-increasing range of products, individuality is an increasingly important success factor. Together with numerous trade fair construction companies, AVMS has repeatedly implemented creative and new concepts on trade fair stands. We simply implement your ideas in an impressive way.

In this way, many exciting individual projects have resulted in great partnerships, of which we are very proud. We like to work with booth builders and booth builders like to work with us as well, because we love and live Expo totally.