Outdoor LED walls convinced at the Gurtenfestival in Bern despite storm and rain

On three large stages, two large outdoor LED walls each offered good visibility of the bands that provide a good atmosphere at the annual Gurtenfestival. Stormy weather shortly after assembly, could not harm the modules.

Exciting races, great driving maneuvers and a lot of fun were experienced by the AVMS with sustainable electric karts

The Gurtenfestival is a music festival on the local mountain Gurten above Bern in Switzerland.

It is a multi-day open-air music festival first held in 1977 and annually since the early 1990s. The program consists of bands mainly from the rock and (alternative) pop scene, in the early years especially folk music, eventually the whole spectrum from blues to hip-hop was covered. Always present are current national greats of the Swiss music scene.

This year, AVMS GmbH equipped the three concert stages with two large LED walls each. The setup took place at about 35° in the shade with otherwise beautiful weather. Just in time for completion, a storm swept over the venue. Golf ball-sized hailstones damaged car roofs and what was not solid flew away. The LED walls were not damaged, so festival-goers could enjoy the full glory of the video walls during the concert.

Thanks to perfect pre-planning, the four technicians were able to complete the installation within just two days. The storm added a close inspection and another functional test.