LEDskin® modules with great long-distance effect at the beMatrix stand at the Best of Events

At this year’s Best of Events, beMatrix presented the new double-decker exhibition stand together with bePartners. LEDskin® modules were mounted with an eye-catching pattern. Modules and black panels were used alternately. The clever display created a great long-distance effect for the exhibition stand.

bePartners present their products and services together with beMatrix at the double-decker

Partnerships are actively practiced at beMatrix. On the occasion of the double-decker presentation at the Best of Events, beMatrix once again invited bePartners to jointly present products and solutions for the popular trade fair system.

The stand design was created by DA.FO. This also included the motifs on the prints and panels.

KL-Druck then took over the corresponding printing and finishing of the piping fabrics and Velcro panels. The result was impressive. Thanks to precise production, all fabrics were free of ripples and creases and of high print quality.

Fischer Messen + Ausstellungen was responsible for setting up the exhibition stand. The double-decker could be erected in its basic form after just a few hours. It then took about a day to complete all the details such as handrails and floors. The entire stand with ceiling, back wall, front wall, stairs, counter and furniture was ready in three days.

AVMS GmbH installed the LEDskin® modules and the beTV display and loaded them with content. In contrast to a full-surface LED wall, a kind of chessboard pattern was created by deliberately omitting modules, which attracted significantly more attention. Sometimes less is more.

Photos and videos: AVMS