High resolution LED wall - razor sharp

High-Resolution for High Performer

High-resolution content requires a correspondingly large number of pixels – at first glance, this is reminiscent of the basis of pointillism that emerged in the 18th century. Over time, however, this idea has endured and is now used in LED technology. Away from the color dots on a screen to the smallest lights – or pixels – in an LED module. This creates a high-resolution LED wall.

Due to the infinite colour spectrum of each individual lamp, the most colourful images can be created. The more pixels are given, the sharper the image appears at close range. The pixel pitch in relation to a module – to be imagined as a building block – results in 65,536 pixels on a mere quarter of a square meter. In this way, very individual sizes and shapes can be combined to form a high-resolution image. No longer is a format prescribed, just invent your own!

With an LED wall made of INFiLED DB 1.9 modules no wishes remain open in this matter. From the 1.9mm distance between each one, the pixel pitch is given. AVMS Germany GmbH can supply large quantities of the high-resolution, pin-sharp LED modules.

Due to the low pixel pitch of 1.9mm, the recommended minimum distance (according to a common rule of thumb) is approx. 1.9m.

In terms of color saturation, the DB 1.9 is in no way inferior to its sharpness. Due to the special DeepBlack Pixel can be guaranteed beside the basic colours RGB above all an absolute and rich black. This is then High-Resolution for High Performer.