Interactive systems

Interactive systems provide movement at the POI, POS or trade fair stand.

Many presentations at a trade fair stand are static or only have an effect on the visitor without giving him the opportunity to ask questions or interact.

Our interactive systems take a different approach. Here the visitor or guest is involved in the flow of information. He can use demo stations such as touch monitors, desks or tables to request information.

When this works as playfully and easily as it does with our interactive solutions, then real joy comes into play.

Personalised interactive visitor guidance at the trade fair stand

Imagine you are invited by email to visit a trade fair. In it, you will receive a QR code for your smartphone, which you can use to register at the reception desk of the trade fair stand. In the same way or via NFC, you can activate your personal explanatory or information video at any station on the trade fair stand. You will be greeted with your name and can select the information you are interested in from a predefined menu. You will be asked about your interests and preferences in products and services when the opportunity arises. Based on the information you provide, you will be given further information and tips.

After leaving the booth, you will receive an email summarizing your visit and providing you with the information you requested. These can be links to images, data sheets or videos. This means that you will receive all the information you need promptly after your visit to the trade fair in a compact and personalised form.

Visitors who do not use a smartphone will be handed a smartphone by a friendly colleague at the a friendly colleague a wristband with an integrated marker. This wristband then replaces the smartphone at the individual stations.

For the exhibitor, extensive information is available after the trade fair on which topics and products were of interest to the trade fair visitors. He can optimise his product and service range or even his next trade fair stand accordingly.

In summary: The interactive experience worlds show and explain the complex range of services of a company in a playful way. Visitors can activate the individual installations using their smartphone. The content is personalized to the visitor – the type of interaction is aligned to the subject matter:

The individual stations can be equipped with further interactive functions. An interactive terminal check-in, objects that can be placed in different scenarios and thus tell the visitor multimedia stories as well as transparent screens that can be activated via gesture control in the virtual smart.HOME. The result is a cross-media staging that involves the visitor in the event through personalized, interactive presentations.

Interactive competitions

The prospect of winning a small or large prize encourages visitors to a shopping mall just as much as it does a visitor to a trade fair stand. An interactive play station with integration of the customer’s own smartphone represents a particularly simple and equally innovative variant.

Invite visitors to participate in our digital gamifications in the form of individualized game packages. Anyone with their own smartphone can take part and win interactive giveaways, goodies, product samples or attractive promotional vouchers. Of course, the games are always individually adaptable to the company CI and the product range.

Object detection

Fascinating and lasting experiences for customers, business partners and employees – Have you been looking for a solution to experience your own product in interaction with the latest AV technology? Contents and information around an object are made digitally experiencable and comprehensible.

The products equipped with sensor technology are recognized as soon as they are placed on a display, for example, and open further information in the immediate vicinity in the form of media, widgets or apps that can be operated via MultiTouch. In this way, the product comes to the fore in a playful way and the messages to be conveyed are memorised in the long term.


“Always wake up like a child to discover the world anew.” Manfred Schröder – 1983

VVVV serves as a graphical programming language for the generation and manipulation of video, graphics and data streams in real time. The tool is widely used to quickly develop interactive systems in conjunction with multimedia (2D, 3D, VR and AR). There are almost no limits to creativity: Whether interaction with any sensors, information tools or the implementation of games and prize systems – we offer you the possibility to captivate and inspire your customers from the brainstorming to the final implementation.
The wheel does not always have to be reinvented! Thanks to our expertise and the many successful installations we have already carried out, we can draw on a large pool of already independently developed product solutions that can be adapted to your requirements at low cost. Take a look at our product catalogue “Interactive Systems” and get inspired.