Camera technology

When we talk about camera technology, we usually mean a video camera. This is a device for recording images in the form of electrical signals. In contrast to the film camera, which is based on photographic technology, the electronically stored image signals can be immediately made visible again as images.

A microphone is integrated in consumer and prosumer models to record the sound. Professional cameras (e.g. for broadcasting) have connection sockets instead. Depending on the recording situation, different specialized microphones are connected to it. In a broader sense, digital cameras are also referred to as video cameras. Many smartphones can also record videos. A video camera with an integrated video recorder is called a camcorder.

Studio Cameras

Our studio cameras are used for important live broadcasts from radio and sports productions as well as recordings where first-class detail is required. Our product range offers familiar components such as camera control systems, state-of-the-art measuring instruments for image calibration, fail-safe recording systems and intercom solutions for communication during events. This is camera technology at its finest.

Action and Dome Cameras

Dome camera” is an industry-standard term for PTZ cameras. This abbreviation stands for Pan – Tilt – Zoom.

Our high-end cameras in this product class capture exactly the desired detail of your stage presentation at any time. Control is convenient from the control room or automated via previously defined preset positions. This makes dome cameras the perfect choice for all scenarios where an additional cameraman is not required, where there is simply not enough space, and where flexible image detail is still required.

Small action cams are often a good choice when space is at a premium. For shots in large machines or in human dimensions is gladly in use.

streaming solutions

While thousands of people often fly around the globe to live events to spend a day together, the stream offers the organizer a barrier-free overall concept. With a range of products and concepts, our portfolio offers a wide variety of possibilities for creating flexible and future-proof streaming solutions.

Share your event with target groups from anywhere in the world. Whether it’s a press conference, concert, sporting event, webinar or product presentation – your customers have the opportunity to follow the event live or time-delayed on the Internet. Depending on the scope, we set up a studio depending on the location or you use our local studios in Berlin, Frankfurt and Hanover.


Sometimes the cameraman cannot be positioned to perfectly capture the subject when carrying the camera on his shoulder. That’s where a camera crane, camera sled or camera drone can be the right choice. It should be noted that certain additional qualifications and permits are required for use, so that any danger during operation can be ruled out.