Sustainability is a high priority for us

Trade fairs and events are not a very ecological business. How can we make this more environmentally friendly in the future? To do this, we looked at our entire processes and simply questioned everything. We knew we had to break out of our comfort zone. From the right answers we have developed new solutions.

Sustainability - the green corporate culture at AVMS GmbH

In view of the growing challenges posed by environmental pollution, the consumption of non-renewable resources, climate change and other environmental burdens, sustainable and environmentally friendly behaviour and actions are becoming increasingly important in all areas of human life.

For us, too, the question arose as to where and how we make our contribution. To do this we first had to understand our own ecological footprint.

Our rental equipment is almost exclusively stored and shipped in sturdy durable boxes and cases. Packaging material from new deliveries is temporarily stored and reused for goods for sale. With this measure alone, we were not only able to save a lot of waste, but also significantly reduce costs in this area. In our office processes, paper is constantly being replaced by electronic processes. By this we don’t just mean that faxes are being replaced by emails.

We have been steadily replacing combustion engines with alternative drive systems in our vehicle fleet since 2022. Some cars were initially replaced with hybrid vehicles. The first fully electric car was added in 2023. In 2024, a huge PV system will be installed on the roof of the company headquarters in Potsdam. Part of the electricity is then used for the property’s own consumption and the company cars, while the rest is fed into the public grid. A nice side effect: this investment pays off extremely well, even without subsidies.

We support progress in modern and sustainable trade fair construction from the very beginning. We offer media technology that can be perfectly integrated into current system stands from beMatrix, Aluvision, Visiona or Octanorm. This saves wood and other materials.

Today, we have built up a different understanding of sustainability and integrated a new system as a team with all employees. We were able to save over 70% of paper, reduce the purchase of new packaging materials by 90%, reduce fuel consumption by 30% through rail travel and also minimise electricity consumption in all branches with LED lights and motion detectors. We will not cease to optimize our actions in an environmentally friendly manner.