Displays and monitors

Displays and monitors, in whatever shape and size, have become indispensable at trade fairs.

On small or partner stands, the devices are often used to show presentations. Monitor formats from 40″ to 65″ are then most in demand. As an eye-catcher or for entertainment purposes, sizes of 75″ or 86″ are more likely to be used. For the large cinema, 98″ XXL devices or high-resolution video walls with split monitors are used. In the retail sector or on decorative trade fair walls, the customer is impressed with super-flat monitors or LED posters.

Monitors with Full HD resolution

Monitors with Full HD resolution have been around for a few years now. For most applications, this resolution is still perfectly adequate today. Many videos and presentations have not been created in higher resolution and still look brilliant. However, you should no longer be satisfied with anything less.Monitors with

Monitors with 4K resolution

A 4k or UHD display offers four times the resolution of a Full HD device. If you have films available in this resolution, you should also use an appropriate monitor to take advantage of the full quality. With smaller devices, however, the advantage only comes into play at a short viewing distance. Therefore, consider whether you would not be better to use a large device.

XXL Displays

Big, bigger, huge. Monitors with 85″, 95″, 98″, 100″ or even 130″ are mostly equipped with UHD resolution and perfect for presentations. with small fonts or in front of a larger audience. But these devices are also just right for impressive video experiences. 

Seamless displays

Those who need a wall with very high resolution are well served with a monitor split wall. Our Seamless Displays have only the smallest image interruptions of a few millimeters. Resolutions in UHD are thus possible without any problems. With special feeders and ballasts, even higher resolutions can be achieved.

OLED displays

OLED displays do not require backlighting and offer significantly higher contrasts and better colors than conventional LCD displays. Since the individual pixels themselves light up, black image content in the display remains completely unlit and therefore does not consume any power. Dispensing with a full-surface backlight enables thin displays and increases energy efficiency.

Display Specials

Monitor accessories

To ensure that our displays can always be placed safely and visually perfectly, we naturally have the appropriate assembly and installation accessories in stock.

Wall mounts as flat or tiltable versions, cable suspensions, special split wall rail systems, floor mounts for preview monitors, monitor desks, pedestals and floor stands for all monitor sizes are always available.

easyWorld monitor stands

From almost 25 years of experience we have developed our own product world in the different areas. Products that are more economical, more economical and more multifunctional than existing products on the market. We are constantly developing and adapting to the customer or the situation. Partner companies from the wood and metal sectors are an important necessity for us here and complement us professionally.