Sound technology

The success of an event depends emphatically on a precise sound system, because the sound transports not only information but also emotions. Audio systems for speech are fundamentally different from audio systems for pure music. We offer audio techniques appropriate to the event. With sound technology from AVMS, you can make your event an audiophile delight, because we only use microphones, mixing consoles, amplifiers and loudspeakers from renowned manufacturers of professional audio technology.


A microphone is a sound transducer that converts airborne sound as sound pressure oscillations into corresponding electrical voltage changes as a microphone signal. The acoustic design is decisive for the directional characteristic and the frequency response.

The directional effect is marked by characteristic patterns:
Omnidirectional (omnidirectional = non-directional), figure-of-eight (figure-of-eight = dipole, opposite polarity front and back), club (club characteristic, directional)

For speakers, highly directional microphones with cardioid polar patterns are usually used to avoid feedback.

To ensure that you always experience the best and interference-free sound, we only use high-quality components from renowned manufacturers.

The classic d:fine™ 4088 directional headworn microphone is the industry standard for professional headworn microphones. Its open and natural sound makes it the ideal choice for speech and vocals.

Radio links

In recent years, the use of wireless microphones has increased dramatically. This means that the presenter is not hindered in his movement by cables. In the clip-on or headset version, even the hands remain free.

We can provide various sets with handheld, clip-on or headset microphone, the matching pocket transmitter and receiver. Our digital radio links are particularly popular because of their low susceptibility to interference. If required, additional antennas are also available to extend the range.

Medium-sized locations require more wireless functionality. The QLX-D® digital wireless system is more than ready for the challenge. Reliable RF performance combined with a comprehensive feature set provides a cost-effective wireless upgrade. And a smart investment in your sound.

On the big stages all over the world, when thousands, even millions are watching, the radio microphone is given an immensely important task. The sound must be clear, real. He must hold his own in the spotlight and be present at all times. There is a system that masters this challenge perfectly: Axient® Digital.


A sound mixing console (also known as a mixer or console) is used to combine various electrical audio signals. For example, five microphones and an MP3 player can be connected to a mixer and their signal transmitted separately or together to an amplifier.

Roland offers various mixing consoles that can be seamlessly integrated into any system. With the digital mixing consoles M200, M300 and M380 Roland inspires even demanding sound engineers.

Yamaha’s CL digital consoles represent a new stage of evolution. They have been improved in numerous areas, but leave the user with a sense of familiarity. In addition, the consoles deliver flawless sound and almost inexhaustible signal processing possibilities, giving even the most creative artists and sound engineers more than enough freedom to realize their ideas. The CL Series brings together the leading live sound technologies in their most professional, expressive forms.

Amplifiers and power amplifiers

The last electronically active stage of a power amplifier before the amplified signal reaches the load is called the power stage. The entire device or the “power amplifier” assembly is often referred to as a power amplifier.

Hoellstern amplifiers convince in sound, flexibility and reliability.


Loudspeakers are transducers that convert an electrical input signal into mechanical vibrations, perceptible as sound.

They are mostly used to generate sound for the reproduction of speech and music for humans with a typical operating range at frequencies from 20 to 50 Hz up to 20 kHz.

We only offer professional, heavy-duty loudspeakers with excellent sound. Perfect for your trade show booth or large event.

intercom systems

An Intercom, also called intercom, is a means of communication for transmitting speech by means of electrical signals – similar to the telephone. It is mainly used for internal communication during events or during set-up. There is no need to pick up the handset for the speech connection, communication is “loudspeaking” as with a handsfree device. Therefore, the intercom is often used to provide an independent additional level of conversation.

Of course, headphones/headsets can also be used so that the surroundings are not disturbed.

The GUARDIAN PLUS full-duplex walkie-talkie offers 16 kHz HD audio and strong encryption for the most critical applications. It creates an instant and permanent conferencing system with clear and understandable communication that increases the safety and productivity of work teams.

Band & Specials

Bands can break completely new ground with a live stream into one of our music studios. Accompanied by a qualified and well-rehearsed team, gigs can perform without a local audience and still appeal to a wide fan base. There are no limits to one’s popularity, the internet is never fully booked or overcrowded. The streamed content can of course also be used as canned content for references or as a donwload.

Our studios in Frankfurt/Liederbach and Hannover/Hemmingen are equipped with perfect studio and streaming technology.