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We support advertisers, shop fitters and educational institutions

Every three years, numerous shopfitters present beautiful shop concepts at Euroshop. The ever-increasing use of lighting, sound and information technology in the new store concepts is striking. Technology is also becoming increasingly important in the field of education, for example in schools, museums and galleries. AVMS Germany GmbH is your partner for fixed installations and outdoor advertising.

In schools, projectors, smartboards and tablets are no longer uncommon. On the contrary, technology is now more present there than ever before. Museums are also becoming multimedia.

The customer should feel comfortable and entertained in the store. He will thus stay longer in the store to consume. Skilfully coordinated lighting and appropriate background music create the desired atmosphere and a sense of well-being. Well-designed permanent installations pay off quickly.

Info steles and electronic goods labellers enhance your PointOfSale. The experience remains longer in the memory and strengthens the brand message.

Video walls inform, entertain and impress in equal measure. More and more often also as outdoor advertising at street crossings, in shopping arcades or railway stations.

We would also be happy to put your business in the spotlight so that you can get more out of it. Rooms and objects thus become an atmospherically dense, emotional experience.

We are happy to advise you on the possibilities of modern information and entertainment systems, including their remote maintenance and recording.

For outdoor advertising we offer LED walls and monitors for safe operation in wind and weather. Expertly and safely installed.

Indoors we can offer you harmonious lighting, pleasant sound and a huge portfolio of video installations:

High-resolution video walls, interactive Touch solutions for self-information. Monitors for advertising and entertainment. Electronic product brochures in the form of tablets. Info steles and kiosk terminals in the store or as POI in the shopping mall.

We install solutions for local maintenance or with remote maintenance option, according to your needs. Ready and waiting.

Talk to us about your ideas, we will find the right solution!

Fixed installation and outdoor advertising

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