Interactive design - present information playfully and remember it better

Nowadays, interactive design is finding its way more and more to trade fairs, events and permanent installations. The pure illustration of products or content is enriched by a new level of information, the interaction. AVMS has set up a specialized department in the Frankfurt office – the AVMS ID (Interactive Division) – to enrich your content interactively.

The child in the man provides playful interaction with our solutions and your content

People don’t want to buy big drills, people want big holes. Theodore Levitt describes in a single sentence why audio-visual techniques are an essential part of all professional communication. Emotions and actions instead of rigid exhibits and floods of diagrams without added value. Just interactive design from AVMS Germany GmbH, instead of a PowerPoint presentation.

Interactive systems communicate both with humans and with each other, in the “Internet of Things”(IoT) or “Internet of Things”. The user-friendliness in dealing with people and a target-oriented, intelligent processing of information have top priority. The overall goal is to progressively support human activities independently and imperceptibly. Areas of application range from the smart home to industrial production, for example in Industry 4.0 manufacturing. This is achieved by incorporating small and miniature computers into sensors and actuators. These constantly process data and communicate with each other so that all processes, from lighting control to predictive maintenance, are presented to people in an intuitive, transparent and controllable way.

Whether infotainment or entertainment, we link your products and your ideas with intelligent, interactive environments.

Your customers can activate a variety of events in light, video and sound worlds through the use of sensors, swipe gestures and intelligent camera systems.

We consider the “human-computer” interface to be one of the most efficient methods of creating individualized experiences. Because experiences remain in the memory.

Use our interactive design solutions for your customer communication at the trade fair stand or at the PointOfSale. Just take a look at our currently most successful product, the touch table. This allows you to really present information in a fun way.

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