AVMS Streaming Studios are ready to use and yet flexibly adaptable

Online projects are becoming more and more popular. In order for these to achieve the corresponding successful effect, professional media equipment is indispensable. The fixed and mobile AVMS Streaming Studios offer you exactly the technology and ambience you need for an impressive performance. Whether business TV, live talk, press conference or music performance of a band. AVMS streaming studios have the right equipment and the competent technical team to transport your valuable message to prospects, customers or fans. Live and also later for further use. They are ready to use and yet flexibly adaptable to your needs.

AVMS Business Studios

Our business studios are equipped with high-resolution LED walls to give your presentation an appealing and informative background during product training or live talks. Present your products in an optimal way by using different cameras and different camera settings perfectly in scene. Hold press conferences or live talks on your topics, we take care of the technology in front and behind. AVMS Business Studios are the perfect solution for cost-effective, high-quality online presentations.

AVMS Music Studios

Perfect for your online appearance with your band are our music studios in Frankfurt and Hannover. The permanently installed technology can be rented at manageable costs and can also be expanded. So that you can concentrate fully on your performance, our team takes care of everything else. Lighting, sound and video recording, online streaming and post production. AVMS Music Studios are the perfect solution for cost-effective online music performances. Numerous references prove this impressively.

AVMS Mobile Studios

In addition to the fixed studios in our branches or partner locations, we can of course also install and operate a studio in your company, on your exhibition stand or at another event location at your request. Our team will assemble it for you in a few hours or days anywhere in the world, depending on the size. No matter whether as a fixed installation or for rent. Use our mobile studios, for example, for machine acceptance or training on large objects. We provide the perfect lighting, interference-free audio technology, as well as image capture and streaming. AVMS Mobile Studios are simply the perfect solution for on-site online streaming.

streaming4you and Virtual Workspace

With our fixed and mobile studios, we can record image and sound signals in the highest quality and simultaneously transmit them to various public streaming portals such as Vimeo or YouTube. But the content should not always be accessible to everyone. In these cases our streaming portal streaming4you is exactly the right solution. Here you determine yourself which persons are allowed to participate in your event. In addition to the integration of live streams, the portal also offers the use of a free or moderated chat function as well as a voting function. This makes it the ideal platform for online meetings of all kinds.

An optional extension, which can also be used separately if desired, is our Virtual Workspace. This versatile online conferencing module provides additional options for sharing a virtual workspace with other participants to share presentations, videos and other documents or the screen. Small groups can meet in breakout rooms for meetings. The AVMS Virtual Workspace is a logical addition for training topics where work is to be done in groups after the presentation.