Modern lighting design arouses emotions - a lighting design by a professional works wonders

Professional lighting design is a great way to set the stage for trade fair stands and stages, to direct attention and create emotions. Successful brand staging requires the targeted use of lighting. With their decades of experience in lighting design, the lighting specialists at AVMS Germany GmbH provide breathtaking lighting installations.

Create amazement and emotions with atmospheric lighting design at your event

Lighting design is a field of lighting design that deals with the design aspects as the core issue. It can be architecturally designed, decorative or theatre oriented.

Lighting design can compensate for the aesthetic deficiency in technical lighting design and integrate into an existing architectural or interior design environment. The key points of lighting design in the architectural field are, on the one hand, the design of the right lighting and, on the other hand, the use of luminaires that correspond with the furnishings. For some years now, LED technology has made it possible to work in a completely new way in the field of lighting design and lighting planning. With the market maturity of LED products for indoor and outdoor areas, many designers and planners are less concerned with classic design and more with energy-efficient lighting. While static light highlights products, moving light is excellent for creating moods.

In order to let you and your exhibition stand shine in the best light, we incorporate creative and fascinating lighting solutions into the idea and conception of the exhibition stand at an early stage.

Let there be light – the right lighting requires not only know-how but also variable lighting techniques.

Whether for your trade fair stand, your event location or product presentation – we will work with you to develop your desired lighting concept.

Rooms and objects thus become an atmospherically dense, emotional experience. Striking light creates a great long-distance effect and magically attracts visitors. Modern lighting design lets you shine.

Every two years, AVMS participates in the Luminale, the festival of light culture, and thus delights the visitors in Frankfurt’s streets. The Luminale as a biennial for light art and urban design pursues the goal of creating a popular and at the same time artistically as well as contentwise high-quality program.

Lichtdesign und Lichtsinszenierung zur AVMS Potsdam NoL