Online hybrid event communication reaches your customers anywhere in the world

The virtual event is also called an online event or online hybrid event. Successful event marketing is usually associated with live communication at trade fairs and events. With the increasing technological innovations and rising demands of attendees at events, additional new online event formats have been established to reach your customers everywhere. Depending on the design of this form of communication.

Live communication at a distance is still very effective as an engaging online hybrid event

At events, people are brought together and participants are the focus of the event. This can be done in the classic analog way. The event can then live on as a hybrid event online or take place entirely in a virtual space. Business events can be implemented in many different ways, but they always have one thing in common: they want to inform, provide new food for thought and network people with each other.

An online event usually does not reach the emotional depth of a live event, but in times of contact closures or for cost reasons, this form of communication has its justification. AVMS Germany GmbH has created a complete concept for this purpose to provide you with the best possible support for successful implementation.

From conferences and congresses to in-house exhibitions and customer events: virtual events are considered true chameleons in the event jungle. Press conferences where questions are sent to the CEO or management in advance can be just as successful as, for example, internal customer events, workshops or training courses.

From the organizer’s point of view, there are also numerous motivations for implementing an online event: Event planners organize virtual events, among other things, to generate attention, to promote content or to attract real visitors to future events.

AVMS offers you its own studios for your online live communication. These are well equipped with trained staff and the best internet connection.

Our studio in Liederbach is ideally equipped for music events, while the studio in Hemmingen is perfect for business TV.

We turn your online event communication into a success story.