Projector and screen

If the framework conditions are given, a projection is a good and inexpensive way to create a large impressive image for a presentation. The prerequisite is a sufficiently darkened room, a good screen and a suitable location for the projector.

Whether in meeting rooms and showrooms, for art installations, at conferences or on trade fair stands. Projectors have long proved their worth as a means of reproducing images. Since every application has its own requirements and challenges, you will find a wide range of projectors, from simple desktop projectors to ultra-short distance and 50,000 ANSI lumens devices.

We strongly advise against outdoor projections. Unless they take place after sunset.

Table projectors

Table projectors are ideal for small meeting rooms with temporary use. In special cases a short distance projector is also the best choice.

Conference projectors

A conference projector is ideal for projections on larger surfaces of 5m² or more. In this area we rely on Sony projectors.

XXL Projection Solutions

For particularly large projections, especially with very wide screens, very bright or multiple projectors are usually used. When using several projectors, your partial images are joined together by means of special software. This software uses the “softedge” effect to ensure that there is no overbrightening in the overlaid areas.

For large projections, we always like to use the powerful and reliable high-end projectors from Panasonic.


Just as diverse as the areas of application of the projectors are the possible surfaces onto which projections are made. The screen has a significant influence on the quality of the projection and with fabrics, foils and discs there are almost no limits to creativity. We are happy to assist you in the planning phase to achieve the best possible result. For this purpose we offer you frame screens, roll screens, FullWhite, foils, fabrics and projection screens.

In most cases we use high quality canvases from AV Stumpfl and or Gerriets.

Both manufacturers have been among the most innovative and those who deliver quality for decades.