The E-Bike Cafe presents in the AVMS Business Studio: iSY Kompaktrad Pedelecs

In addition to the studio lighting, the high-resolution LED wall was used, which presented a pleasant forest atmosphere in keeping with the purpose of the event. A fixed camera took the long shot and a cameraman took care of the detail shots. High-quality radio links with neckband microphones and a sound technician who accompanied the shoot provided the good sound.

The E-Bike Cafe from Großostheim explains the added value of iSY eBikes and the matching accessories.

The owner of the E-Bike Cafe in Großostheim had been planning to produce a product presentation of high-quality pedelecs in the form of a video for quite some time. Unfortunately, the acoustics in the shop speak against high-quality recordings. Outdoor shots with drones, on the other hand, are very complex. So the production in a professional studio was the obvious choice. The E-Bike Cafe presents iSY Kompaktrad Pedelecs consequently in the AVMS Studio in Liederbach.

The recordings started with an introduction about the i:SY concept and a product presentation of the smart iSY S8 Entry-level model. After that, the slightly larger top model iSY XXL presented. In the third shoot, the E-Bike Cafe Team suitable accessories before. This was sent to the individual wheels mounted and demonstrated the very simple use. An employee from the E-Bike Café acted as moderator and asked the questions and gave hints.

Jennifer (AVMS), Max and Thomas, owners of the E-Bike Cafe, led through the product presentation.

The video editing was done in the AVMS Studio in Liederbach. The video is used for the homepage and the YouTube channel of the bicycle dealer.

The Business Live Streaming Studio in detail