Great lighting atmosphere and special effects

JET corporate event in huge event hall

Jet is the brand name of the service station network and petroleum products of the US petroleum company Phillips 66, which was formed in 2012 by splitting ConocoPhillips. In Germany, the brand operates around 800 service stations. In order to offer the employees an unforgettable experience, the company invited them to a great motivational event in the Lokhalle in Göttingen. An impressively beautiful light atmosphere and great special effects awaited the guests.

The central element was a 15x3m stage on which the entertainment programme took place. Speakers, corporate videos and visual effects were shown on a 33m² LED wall. On both sides of the stage transparent LED modules are used for a visual widening of the stage. This creative installation brought it to another 30m² LED surface.

The sophisticated hall lighting was realised by the AVMS technical team with numerous coloured LED floodlights, ARRI stepped lenses and profile spotlights. Fog machines further enhanced the colorful lighting effects.

Another highlight was a fuel price board made of LED modules. Below this price board a real tree root was equipped with coloured LED light snakes.

During the event, the audience was divided into several groups. These were each given a colour. If one of the group, because of the great performance on the stage, broke out in enthusiasm, this was illuminated with their color and the light cone moved to the root. This then began to glow in the same color. If this was the case, the level indicator on the LED price board increased. When the maximum level was reached, the audience got bonus material from the entertainer on stage. A blatant exuberant mood was the result.

In an adjacent but separate area there was another conference area. For this purpose, two additional stages were installed, each with a 6m² LED wall, sound and lighting as well as several camera hoists. For the light alone, another 80 LED floodlights were used.

The technical team, consisting of 20 AVMS employees, had a blast at this elaborate but also super exciting day event.