Sanitary light plays - light installation for high-quality fittings

Fine light for clean optics

In order to show off high-quality products to their best advantage, the right light is extremely important. Cool white light, for example, is very suitable for products that are associated with hygiene and cleanliness. Warm light tones, on the other hand, create a sense of well-being and cosiness. In order to create both lighting moods at the stand, timed light changes were installed in some cases. Sanitary light shows at the ISH in Frankfurt.

Each fitting is optimally illuminated with light and accentuated. Up to three headlamps per fitting are used.

In addition to the elaborate light installation, there is a beautiful projection. The visitor receives product information via an easy-to-use touch application.

With the help of transparent OLED monitors, the advantages of the special rinse are visualized in front of a real deep rinse.