The Mouse turns 50 - station celebrates in Cologne with large outdoor projection on the façade

The mouse of the WDR celebrates its 50th birthday this year and AVMS realizes the XXL projection.

The WDR mouse celebrates its 50th birthday this year. Its television premiere was on March 7, 1971. Now there was an illumination show in Cologne at the end of this anniversary party.

It should be a big and above all very bright surprise for the mouse and its fans, because the popular figurehead of the West German Broadcasting showed itself on Saturday in short animations and mouse-Spots. As darkness fell, and for all to see, the mouse danced and played with his friends, projected onto the station’s archive building in Cologne. So the mouse could let off steam on an area of more than 2,000 square metres. This posed a real challenge to the projection technology.

The mouse and his friends were presented on the facade of the archive building as a huge outdoor projection with 6 high-performance projectors.

The mouse has already been celebrated in a big way this year on TV, online and on the radio. Now there was a sensational finale in the centre of Cologne to crown her 50th birthday. The brightly lit façade of the archive building was visible from afar and showed the mouse and its friends colourfully in pictures and video films.

A four-lane road, North-South Drive, had to be temporarily closed for the illuminated anniversary finale. It is well known that even at the age of 50, the mouse is still able not only to captivate children, but also to distract adults at any time. This is rather undesirable in road traffic and of course had to be avoided.

The technical implementation of the anniversary celebration was carried out with the latest technology of the AVMS Frankfurt. Six High-performance projectors with a luminous flux of 31,000 ANSI lumens each provided a great illumination of the house facade. With the help of edgeblending software and the know-how of AVMS technicians, the light streams of all 6 projectors could be seamlessly superimposed to achieve a particularly bright overall image. The competent AVMS staff mastered the challenge with flying colors.

Click hereto watch the broadcast, which tells the entire story of the creation and execution of this elaborate project.

With the latest technology in the field of video, sound and lighting, the AVMS team was able to guarantee a smooth running of the customer’s event.

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50th anniversary of the show with the mouse