Living the City - Media installations at Tempelhof Airport on life in the city

A walk-in city collage shows rooms, supported by numerous media technology installations.

Cities are full of stories-simultaneous, contradictory, overlapping, and inextricably linked. Living the City tells more than 50 stories about projects in architecture, art and urban planning in the main hall of the former Berlin-Tempelhof Airport. The exhibition of the National Urban Development Policy shows processes and possibilities for action in cities all over Europe. Living the City – Media installations at Tempelhof Airport.

For three months, the former airport will be transformed into a scene of urban life. In a walk-through city collage, visitors encounter numerous stories of people and projects who are actively involved in the city and urban society. These stories ask questions about very basic activities such as loving, living, creating, participating, learning, playing, moving and dreaming in the city, stories that move and touch, that make you feel and think along with them. Workshops and panel discussions encourage people to come up with ideas and help shape future cities.

The AVMS team has set up numerous small and also very large media installations with monitors and projectors. The exhibition ran, Corona conditionally shortened, from 25.9. until Nov. 2, 2020, and may reopen in early 2021.

Photos: TheGreenEyl, Schnepp Renou

Details about the media installations