Hygiene at events - Safety during a pandemic

Precautions against virus transmission at trade fairs and events

The coronavirus has created a whole new set of challenges for the events industry. A virus particle about 100 nanometres in size brings entire sectors of the economy to a standstill due to its high risk of infection. To ensure that it is still possible to communicate with people in the vicinity, adapted hygiene measures are necessary to guarantee safety during a pandemic. Only then will politics and society accept and attend events such as exhibitions or trade fairs. Good hygiene at events benefits everyone involved.

Many people are therefore currently thinking about what a safe trade fair concept might look like. How are minimum distances, mouth-to-nose protection, and hand or body disinfection maintained? What additional measures for the health protection of exhibitors and visitors can contribute to this?

AVMS GmbH has also dealt with this topic and made some suggestions for products and measures for a safe trade fair concept. Additionally, we have ideas for alternative event formats. We have summarized all this in a PDF brochure.

At trade fairs, a body temperature scan with our Temp-GUARD can identify feverish persons in order to deny them admission if necessary. Directly after the entrance, disinfection tunnels are ready to wet the visitor’s entire surface with a dry disinfectant. With an automatic visitor counting system like Store-GUARD, the entry of people can be limited. An Personal guidance systems ensure that visitors encounter each other as little as possible and thus approach each other as little as possible and supply each other with exhaled air. AMobile disinfection stations distributed around the event area offer visitors the possibility of hand disinfection and the exchange of mouth and nose masks at any time. This ensures good health protection on the exhibition grounds and also makes visitors feel safer.

Additional Hand-GUARD Disinfectant dispensers on the individual stands round off the hygiene concept. Some technical optimizations are also possible. Large format video walls allow you to reach a larger group of people without them having to crowd too closely together. Separate temporary meeting rooms allow small groups to hold conversations with distance and the necessary calm. With the help of Air-GUARD the UVC air purifier, the room air can be effectively cleaned of viruses and bacteria. Touchless information systems can be operated in a similar way to touch monitors without coming into contact with potentially contaminated surfaces.

If you currently prefer to deal with new topics online or virtually or would like to inform your customers, you should take a look at our Hybrid Event formats. Live streaming from within your own company or from our professional studios can be informative and entertaining. We would be pleased to inform you in detail about the individually designable possibilities. Of course, our studios are also set up for the best possible hygiene and are large enough to be able to comply with the recommended distances.

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