Hygiene and health protection wherever people meet

Safety and hygiene equipment - our GUARDian Angels, the GUARD series from AVMS GmbH

GUARD Series

Since Corona viruses have forced us to take drastic measures, the hygiene aspect at events and in other areas where many people come together has become a major focus. However, even after we move past Covid-19, people will put more emphasis on hygiene. Because even a simple cold is not pretty and can be avoided with better protection. The AVMS GUARD series for hygiene and health protection wherever people meet.

To ensure that events can be held during pandemic periods, precautions must be taken to ensure that visitors are protected from infection in the best possible way. The team from AVMS GmbH has developed smart products that prevent feverish persons from being admitted, visitor numbers from being exceeded, the air from being cleaned and the persons present from being supplied with suitable hygiene products.

Our GUARD series products consisting of temp-GUARD,hand-GUARD andair-GUARD, for example, are ideal for use in classrooms, offices, vaccination centres and all other places where many people congregate.

Body temperature measurements in entrance areas and room monitoring

Body temperature gives the first indication of whether a person is carrying a contagious disease. In order to avoid the entry of such persons into buildings or event areas, the use of our contactless temperature measuring station temp-GUARD is an effective product.

Our shop-GUARD system monitors visitor flows in your shop or event rooms. In this way, access restrictions can be automated. But the system gives you much more info. Use it to analyze your customer structure and their walking routes to optimize your store concept.


Hand-GUARD and Hygiene-CASE for hand hygiene and mouth-nose protection

In areas heavily frequented by people and especially where customers touch goods, the use of hand disinfection and mouth/nose protection has become a matter of course. Hand sanitizing was also a welcome service in many stores before Corona. Our hand-GUARD takes up little space and offers a good advertising space for your customer communication. For variable use at larger events, our hygiene CASE with hand disinfection and mouth/nose protection dispenser is the perfect solution.

Air-GUARD UVC air purifier for a significant reduction of bacteria and viruses in the room air

Viruses have a particularly easy time spreading through the air in closed rooms. Our air-GUARD products make it difficult for viruses. The integrated UVC lamps neutralize viruses demonstrably. Thus, the air-GUARD air purifiers are equally suitable for offices, shops and classrooms. The air-GUARD-Office circulates approx. 115m³ of air per hour, the air-GUARD-Cube-300 300m³ and the air-GUARD-Tube-800 even manages approx. 800m³ per hour.