Interaction tables with projections and demo stations

In order to convey the wealth of information about the history of evolution in an interesting and playful way to the often young visitors, AVMS has installed large interaction tables with projections and demo stations. The feed of the various media stations with displays, projectors and one-handers was done with media players .The control was carried out via touch displays and buttons with which subject areas, videos or documents can be called up.

Numerous information stations in the Darwineum in Rostock

The subject of evolution can be experienced at first hand in the Darwineum. More than 150 animal species guide the visitors through the different geological eras and show in a vivid way how life on earth has developed. The heart of the living museum beats in the tropical hall. Here gorillas and orangutans live in peaceful company with sloths, gibbons and many more. As a unique nature experience, the Darwineum combines adventure, environmental education and science on a total of 20,000 square metres and encourages visitors to participate and think by means of interaction tables with projections.

The Darwineum in Rostock offers an evolutionary exhibition in Charles Darwin’s footsteps and modern animal husbandry in near-natural ecosystems. The unique nature experience and knowledge world combines adventure, environmental education and science – to touch, participate and think about. How did life arise on earth? This question is approached in the Rotunda. Graphics, panels and fossils document the stages of development on earth. In a total of eight bunks, the information is deepened with exciting exhibits and animals, allowing the visitor to experience some of the mechanisms of biological evolution.