LCD Display Samsung UD55D Split Wall Monitor

Samsung UD55D Split Wall Display

Samsung UD55D SMART Signage with FHD can take your digital messages to the next level thanks to Samsung’s innovative frames. The all-new 3.5mm frames are narrower than competing solutions. They wow audiences when stitched together into seamless video walls with virtually no distractions.

From a distance of 4 m, the UD55D frames are invisible to the naked eye and create an uninterrupted image for optimized visual messages. Use this brand new display technology to attract customers to your retail store, replace traditional whiteboards in your conference rooms or provide important real-time information in public places or at trade shows. Deliver bright, vibrant image quality without reflection or blur to engage your audience with a powerful viewing experience. Full HD resolution with new backlight for improved contrast and brightness for exceptional picture quality. Anti-reflective panels prevent distraction from reflections, and anti-retention reduces fogging by %.