Buy LED modules for rental or permanent installation

LED walls are our speciality. Hardly any other company in Germany can draw on a comparable stock of different LED modules.

Our focus is not only on the flexible possibilities of our LED material but especially on its excellent quality. For example, we have a long partnership with the premium LED manufacturer INFiLED. Picture and build quality are at the highest level, while failure frequency and power consumption are pleasantly low. It is not without reason that INFiLED products are appearing more and more frequently in tenders, because their quality and durability are highly valued.

Indoor LED for impressive productions in studios and the retail sector

Indoor LED solutions have become a standard at trade fairs, congresses or other indoor events. They are available in a variety of designs. This applies to image parameters such as resolution, brightness, contrast and color space, as well as to properties such as weight, flexibility and transparency.

For hanging applications, weight plays a major role. Since hanging points on exhibition halls are very expensive, it is advisable to use lightweight modules that are easier to install and save a lot of money.

For LED walls that are free-standing or installed in wall niches, the viewing distance plays a major role. A rule of thumb says that the distance of the viewer in meters should roughly correspond to the pixel distance in millimeters.

The same applies in particular to LED floors. Due to the small distance to the viewer of only about 1.5 meters, the resolution should be as high as possible to be able to perceive video applications brilliantly. For gaming applications with an interactive LED floor, a lower resolution may be sufficient.

If you want a creative form of an LED wall, you can fall back on flexible modules that also allow curves. Transparent LED walls also provide great impressions. They offer additional information or emotions without taking away the depth of the room.

Outdoor LED modules for effective outdoor advertising

Especially at music festivals LED walls are often used as background. Since the devices there often cannot be completely protected against the weather, they themselves must be insensitive to cold, heat, moisture and dust. Outdoor LED walls have been developed exactly for this purpose, they defy environmental influences. However, the protective devices add some weight, which must be taken into account in the statics of the suspension or support. The offer is also more limited in terms of creative forms, as the protected modules can rarely be flexibly bent.

High resolution LED walls for presentations in meeting and conference rooms

Modern event venues are increasingly opting for high-resolution LED walls instead of traditional projection. The advantages are obvious. The rooms no longer need to be darkened. The speaker is not blinded. There are no objects that can interfere between the image generator and the image surface. No ozone is produced.

Current LED modules are energy-saving, noiseless and brilliant in their display.

LED modules from INFiLED inspire with brilliant images and high reliability

LED walls are not only designed for use at trade fairs and other large events. The high-intensity LED solutions are also being used more and more in upmarket retail outlets. In outdoor applications, LED walls have already been present for many years. On busy streets or in highly frequented pedestrian zones, the picture walls are already part of everyday life. We are happy to offer you suitable video walls complete with feed, remote maintenance and service package for purchase.

Our upright LED posters are in particularly high demand in the fashion retail sector. An easy to use product that sets up quickly.