Curved LED wall in hotel

Beautiful worlds at the Intercontinental Hilton on the occasion of IHIF

Also, the annual International Tourism Exchange – ITB – in Berlin, is always marked thick and bold in our calendar. While our maindt is usually described as cosmopolitan, a state of emergency prevails during the ITB. Also in the form of a curved LED wall in the Hotel Intercontinental. Dhe leading tourism trade fair, which has been taking place since 1966, gives a platform to one of the most beautiful topics and desires – travel. Over the years, the exhibitor field has grown to nearly 10,000. The exhibitors from 180 nations include not only countries, sites and regions, but above all hotels, airlines, tour operators and offices. If you’re visiting the ITB, it’s best to pack your wanderlust along with you, because the trade show takes place in all of the 25 exhibition halls at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds.

Parallel to this, the IHIF, the International Hotel Investment Forum. Every year, more than 2,000 delegates and high-level decision-makers responsible for shaping the European hotel industry attend the International Hotel Investment Forum Berlin conference.

Thanks to our three branches at three of the most important trade fair locations in Germany – Frankfurt, Hanover and Berlin – we, AVMS Germany GmbH, can offer our services as flexibly as few others.

Just as flexible as we are, so is our INFiLED X3 3.9mm LED wall, which we contributed to the IHIF event at the Intercontinental Hilton Hotel in Berlin 2018.

On a width of 20m our 4m high X3 easily curved concave and convex to create a unique atmosphere. These 80m² offered guests an incomparably realistic panoramic view of the Côte d’Azur one moment and a relaxed evening atmosphere in the middle of Miami city life the next.

The secret of flexibility lies in the actual pliability of the modules. While other LED modules are only connected in an offset manner to create a stepped overall curvature of the wall, our X3 modules can be tilted up to 20° in five steps. This way, a real rounding can be created on a comparably short distance. In addition with our specially manufactured corner modules, the X3 becomes a real all-rounder.

For far too long, the straight, flat LED wall has been the solution to the big screen question. We want to bend (but not break), broaden horizons and whet the appetite for something new – just as the ITB celebrates.