The 24" touchstele in landscape format is ideal for use at trade fairs or at the point of sale

Unlike many other steles, our 24″ touch stele in landscape format is designed for a landscape display.

Touch steles in landscape format are becoming increasingly important in public spaces. They offer an intuitive and modern way of interacting with information and services and adapt perfectly to the needs of today’s users. This means there is no need to get used to the standard computer view.

This 24" touch panel has a range of functions for almost all conceivable applications

Advantages of Touchstele in landscape format:

  • Better ergonomics: The touchscreens in landscape format enable comfortable and natural operation as they adapt to the posture of most people. This is particularly important in areas with high public traffic, where users often operate the touchstele while standing.
  • Larger display area: Compared to touchscreens in portrait format, touchscreens in landscape format offer a significantly larger display area. This makes it possible to display more information and content at once, which increases the user-friendliness and efficiency of interaction.
  • More flexible usage options: Touchstele in landscape format can be operated while standing or sitting. This makes them ideal for various applications, e.g. for information terminals in museums, interactive maps in shopping centers or digital signposts in airports.
  • Modern look: Touch stele in landscape format look modern and appealing and blend harmoniously into the surroundings. They are therefore an eye-catcher in public spaces and contribute to the attractiveness of places.

Areas of application:

  • Information terminals: Used in museums, galleries and other cultural institutions to display information about exhibitions, exhibits and events.
  • Interactive maps: Provide in shopping centers, airports and other public facilities for interactive maps with information on stores, restaurants, restrooms and other facilities.
  • Digital signposts: In train stations, airports and other transportation hubs as digital signposts with information on timetables, connections and routes.
  • Self-service terminals: In banks, post offices and other service facilities, they can be used for self-service banking transactions, postal services and other services.

The 24″ touch screen enables the playback of full HD media (images, video, animation). The touch function supports 10 infrared points. You can Create playlists with photos and videos for automatic playback. The timer for automatic switch-on/switch-off saves energy and protects against disturbing light at night. The perfect location for the touch stele is along walkways or as an information pillar next to large exhibits at trade fairs, in museums or in retail outlets. The info point can be supplemented with touch monitors on walls. This is how you achieve the greatest added value for your visitors.