B3 BEN Awards Gala and Extravaganza Virtuale

B3 2020 BEN Awards Opening Gala Extravaganza Virtuale

B3 BEN Awards with Opening Gala and Extravaganza Virtuale in Frankfurt The B3 Biennale of the Moving Image is a creative festival. It shows films, video art, computer games, installations and virtual reality by international artists and creatives. As the successor to the eDIT Filmmaker’s Festival, it has been hosted at various locations in Frankfurt […]

20th anniversary of the Nippon Filmfest in Frankfurt. We’re on it.

Nippon Film Festival

20th anniversary of the Nippon Film Festival in Frankfurt. We’re in. Online streaming studio technology in use at Japanese Film Festival The beginnings of the Japanese film festival Nippon Connection go back to 1999. The two film science students Marion Klomfaß and Holger Ziegler, both of whom are passionate about Asia and experienced in cinema […]

Stages at Open Air Festival

Stages at Open Air Festival

Stages at open air festival provide party atmosphere AVMS technology sets the mood at the Trebur Open Air Festival Situated on the edge of the beautiful village of Trebur, the Trebur Open Air Festival, since 1993 as one of the meanwhile biggest non-profit festivals in the heart of the Rhine-Main area, is very popular. The […]