WENTEX® Pipes & Drapes, a highly innovative self-supporting curtain system

Endless possibilities can be created with WENTEX® products.

There are many types of Pipes & Drapes systems but no other system is as versatile and easy to use as WENTEX® Pipes & Drapes. WENTEX® is a leading manufacturer of innovative textile solutions. Due to fine innovations, this system is much easier to use than any other system on the market. It is not only easy to use, but also very decorative. All this makes it the first choice for theatres, events, venues, exhibitions and much more.

Revolutionary 4-way connector system

The revolutionary and patented 4-way connector with its autolock system guarantees firm connections between posts and covers. They can be adjusted in any direction. Another advantage is that the four openings of the connector have a uniform size of 16 mm. This gives you room to mount a camera, speaker or lamp. With an adapter, you can also seamlessly connect the WENTEX® 4-pin connector to all Pipes & Drapes systems with round posts.

The Wentex® Pipes & Drapes curtain system from AVMS GmbH is transported in the smart Wentex trolley. This makes it even easier to set up on site on the stage.

Wentex® Pipes & Drapes curtain system