Hornbach greened 1,250 sqm building facade of WEDIA highlight location

On the Mariahilfer Gürtel in Vienna, 4,500 plants and beautiful lighting decorate the construction site

Primroses, bamboo ivy, placed close together vertically, herald the arrival of spring at prominent locations in Vienna. At the intersection of Mariahilfer Gürtel and Mariahilfer Straße, right next to Vienna’s Westbahnhof, Hornbach presents itself with a spectacular advertising campaign. The scaffolded facade of a construction project disappeared piece by piece behind more than 4,500 plants during a nine-day construction phase. At night it continues to green and blossom thanks to atmospheric lighting.

Well over 150,000 contacts per day are guaranteed on the capital’s busiest shopping street. Until the end of April, the 1,250 sqm vertical garden will be the eye-catcher in the heart of Vienna.

The large-scale project was realized by the creative agency Heimat (Berlin), the media agency Mediaplus Austria and HORNBACH together with WEDIA.

The location will be exclusively marketed nationally and internationally by WEDIA Visuelle Großflächenwerbung GmbH through its Austrian and German sales teams until at least August 2021. WEDIA Visuelle Großflächenwerbung GmbH is a good partner of AVMS GmbH.

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