INFiLED Auto Running LED Screen Stand for advertising in public areas

Super bright and sharp image for airports, train stations, bus shelters, gas stations or shopping malls

INFiLED ‘s Auto Running LED Screen Stand mainly focuses on applications in airports, train stations, hospitals, hotels, bus shelters, gas stations, main streets, shopping malls and other public areas. As a practical small display product, it is mainly used for advertising purposes.

INFiLED offers advertisers a complete solution for the management of advertising networks.

The network information platform, centralized control platform, remote monitor and diagnostic platform can reduce operation and maintenance costs and increase management efficiency.

In the high-resolution version with 1.9mm pixel pitch, the device is also very well suited for meeting rooms and control centres. If you can do without a mobile solution, the WP series from INFiLED is also a good choice.

The Auto Running LED Screen Stand from INFiLED can be purchased from AVMS GmbH.

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Details of the Auto Running Screen Stand