Heise Verlag hosts secIT in the AVMS Studio in Hanover as a Hybrid Event

Hybrid event with participants in the studio and connected discussion participants

With secIT,Heise Medien has established a new event highlight in the IT security industry in recent years. Even in Corona times, Heise does not want to interrupt this success story.

The latest trends, solutions and information on the subject of IT security were presented at secIT Digital. Heise has chosen a format that allows all the possibilities of a presence event. In addition, secIT Digital has been extended to 3 days – February 23-25, 2021, so that we had enough space for all the latest topics.

Visitors heard interesting keynotes and panel discussions, followed new formats such as interactive lectures, expert FAQ with Sidekick or the Heise Show Spezial. All selected by the security editors of Heise Medien, of course.

Visitors were able to follow the exhibitors’ offers on special platforms and in the form of lectures. Heise offered breakout sessions for each presentation. In a small circle, the visitors then had the opportunity to discuss their open questions with the speakers or they could arrange 1:1 appointments with exhibitors’ staff.

The open matchmaking platform offered many opportunities to get in touch with other secIT participants.

By the way, the digital implementation of secIT was not only done “from the living room” or office, but from the professional AVMS studio with stage presence and an evening event that had some surprises in store for the visitors. The visitors immersed themselves in the multifaceted world of IT security and were surprised by the new event format.

Details about the technology