Video walls bring a city to life

The digital future in Nokia City at Mobile World Congress 2018.

How will the new digital world of tomorrow change our everyday life ? At Mobile World Congress 2018, Nokia announced its visions, some of which are already available as ready-made solutions. Nokia thus shows very clearly that the company is not only concerned with the latest mobile phone, but that completely different business areas are also relevant. The video walls we installed, made of INFiLED ER 3.9mm, bring a digital city to life.

Discover how Nokia’s innovative technologies and comprehensive portfolio are creating a world that intelligently adapts to us, learns from us, evolves around us and anticipates all our needs. At Mobile World Congress 2018, you could see how immersive, personalized and insightful experiences are improving people’s lives and creating new opportunities for communities and businesses.

On the huge exhibition stand we installed LED walls in the backdrops, which represented escalators, office and warehouse scenarios. At first glance, it really did look very real. Equally impressive was the U-shaped monitor wall, which covered a room from three sides.

For the consultant stations, demo points and process simulations, we installed countless monitors, some with touch functions. 

In the video, Nokia’s solutions are explained and demonstrated using our hardware.