AVMS with fixed installation and conference technology at the start

The Frankfurt Pavilion at the Book Fair

You have to move with the times – that’s what Buchmesse GmbH told itself in 2018 and decided to swap the Open Stage for something new. In future, a designer pavilion is to be the Frankfurt Book Fair’s flagship. In keeping with the long tradition of the protest movement for human rights and freedom of the press, this pavilion is intended to provide a stage for precisely these issues. AVMS takes care of the fixed installation for power and lighting and sets up media and conference technology.

The Pavilion is now set up again at every book fair on the Agora, the square centrally located at the fair. Even though this is a temporary building, some permanent installations had to be made inside first.

In order to bring light into the darkness at night, we installed cable routes on the floor and in the ceiling for a total of 30 ceiling lights, almost 100 pendant lights and the stage lighting. In addition, the feed into the changing power grid of the mobile Pavilion was permanently installed.

Setting up the temporary part of the Book Fair Pavilion is a real challenge every year and, at five days, takes just as long as the fair itself. But to raise a hall with a capacity of 400 people means a real sprint.

Setting up the Frankfurt Pavilion at the Book Fair is a major event every year.

For days the huge wooden parts are delivered and assembled by a team of carpenters using large construction machines. A huge, translucent membrane then envelops the structure and makes it rainproof.

Once the outer body is finished and weatherproof, work begins on the inside of the cocoon. Now the AVMS technicians are getting started with their power and lighting installations. Cable ducts are laid and equipped. The ceiling lights and speakers are mounted and the two beautiful 2×1,5m LED walls are installed.

Later on, the interpreters, who work in two interpreting booths, ensure that the audience understands the message well.

During the events, AVMS technicians ensure smooth and trouble-free operation of the AV and media technology.