beMatrix stand with LEDSkin modules and touch table

beMatrix meets multimedia at the AVMS booth at Euroshop 2020

Every three years, Euroshop opens its doors to introduce visitors to new shop design concepts, digital signage applications, payment systems and trade fair services. AVMS is also represented at the Euroshop for the second time as an exhibitor with its own stand and a team of consultants. This year we built our AVMS booth from reusable beMatrix wall modules and LEDSkin modules. For this we used the matching printed fabrics and brand new LED modules with 2,5mm pixel pitch. The LED surfaces were each equipped with media players as well as appealing self-rendered content. The large monitor played high-resolution 4k content. We have timed the playback for all areas per playlist. timed coordinated with each other.

With the touch table, the AVMS sales team presented the AVMS products and services professionally and at the same time in a playful way. However, the simple operation also enabled the visitors to obtain comprehensive information on their own. For this purpose, thematically matching objects were produced in the 3D printer and provided with markers. Once the visitor had positioned the objects on the touch table, they were detected by the object recognition system and a menu opened showing the corresponding content. The contents (images, PDF, videos…) are started by tapping on them and can be moved, rotated or enlarged on the table. If the visitor puts the object back on the tray, the menu closes automatically. It was all so easy that even small children had successfully used the touch table.

Simultaneously with the start of the Euroshop, we were able to announce the cooperation with beMatrix as LEDSkin partner. With its own stand and the numerous integrated LEDSkin modules, the advantages of the system were demonstrated directly. We also generated rental enquiries for LEDSkin material directly at the trade fair.

Through the moderate but effective use of technology, a high customer frequency was achieved on the stand. The AVMS booth at the Euroshop was a great success.