The INFiLED DB Series enhances US television studios

Deep black, high resolution and a noise-free image

The Produktion Source, a systems integrator and renovation specialist, set up a television studio for “The JohnAnkerberg Show,” a popularshow among Americans. religious television show, a. A total of 152 INFiLED DB2.6 LED modules were used to build an innovative backdrop. The LED wall for the show, creates a stunning stage set and image quality required for today’s broadcast era. The expectations of the audience are thus fully met.

Andrew Overton, The Production Source’s designer and engineer, is pleased with the effect: “As a result, the INFiLED DB Series has met and exceeded our expectations. Contrast, fast mounting, high greyscale levels and high refresh rate, can achieve unprecedented image quality. “The stunning LED video wall was built in just a few hours thanks to its modular panel design and a simple and intuitive quick-lock system for easy installation. The bright display provides an auxiliary light source to make the host and guests look more natural on the screen. It contributes to color uniformity and enhances the visual experience for the television audience. With high refresh rate without flickering, the wide LED wall decorates the studio. This works without any problems, without disturbing the recording of the video camera and can thus be broadcast live on television. Choosing the right combination of camera equipment, LED pixel spacing and studio design, made it possible for the U.S. Television Studio with INFiLED LED solutions without having to Moiré effects. The background noise level is inaudibly low due to the fanless design of the DB series.

The fine pixel pitch series DB (Deep Black) can achieve high contrast performance and has unprecedented image quality. The DB Die Series uses ultra-black masking materials and exclusive black LEDs to create a new level of contrast for LED modules. With high grayscale values, a high refresh rate and the highest quality components. The DB Series provides the ultimate image quality for LED screens. The DB Series has been designed with an emphasis on ergonomics and ease of use. The panels are modular in design. A sturdy die-cast aluminum frame with built-in feet and edge protection prevents physical damage during assembly. The DB series is equippedwith a quick locking system for fast construction.

The system allows convex and concave configurations of +/- 5° per module. A wireless power data link (optional) provides the ultimate in clean installation.