AVMS product world

Whenever standard products do not meet customer expectations, we develop individual solutions. This can be special brackets or other mechanical products. However, it is often software products or customizations that provide the added value for the customer. This is how the AVMS productworld came into being.

Start-up package for hybrid selling - the hybrid rocket

The Hybrid Rocket is a mobile media module for video and live formats with a small footprint. It enables companies as well as customers to produce livestreams and video content quickly and easily on their own.

The head-mounted video camera enables, for example, the personal demonstration of systems in large areas without further requirements for infrastructure and media technology. Additional locations can be integrated at the touch of a button and live stream. The control can be done via smartphone, Tablet or iPad or simply via the “control room app”. Just press a button and the “HybridRocket” is ready for take-off. Furthermore, it is infinitely expandable, e.g. by means of eyeglass cameras and Light.

It is therefore designed to be uncomplicated and user-friendly.

The range of formats that can be served with the “HybridRakete” is broad. It ranges from hybrid appearances on Trade fairs online acceptance of systems and digital product presentations, web conferences, webinars and video recordings, to
PR events and expert panel discussions.

Fire your own “hybrid rocket” and present relevant content and hybrid formats independently on your own. If you wish, we can support you with tailor-made services – from content development to sales training.


Safety and hygiene equipment - our GUARDian Angels, the GUARD series

GUARD Series

To ensure that events can be held during pandemic periods, precautions must be taken to ensure that visitors are protected from infection in the best possible way. The team from AVMS GmbH has developed smart products that prevent feverish persons from being admitted, visitor numbers from being exceeded, the air from being cleaned and the persons present from being supplied with suitable hygiene products.

Our air-GUARD and hand-GUARD products are also ideal for use in classrooms, offices, and other places where large numbers of people congregate.

Table art

One of our best products for active trade fair use is our touch table for product presentation. In no time at all you can explain your products to your customers by simply opening, moving and zooming in on the prepared content. In this way, you generate interest as quickly as possible or answer questions simply and specifically. With optional object recognition, marker-equipped figures can be used to open the corresponding content.

The contents can be easily imported into the directories of the corresponding categories in advance and appear first in a circle segment when called up later. Another tap will then open the image, video or PDF. We will gladly take care of the recording for you.

Celebrate the art of engaging your visitors in the simplest way possible.


Playfully rotate your product 360 degrees? With our specially developed multimedia turntable, you give your customers the opportunity to get to know your exhibition object individually with a simple turning movement. The possibilities for interaction are almost limitless, as the turntable can be used both as a wheel of fortune and for navigation.

An intelligent sensor system in the base detects the exact position in real time, allowing films and graphics to be played at the programmed time. Of course, the design of the turntable for your event will be individually created and printed by us.



Measuring your own body is booming! The heart rate is a simple, objective parameter to visualize stress, be it physical or mental. With our wireless pulse measurement, you can now show your audience exactly these emotions in real time! The evaluation is done graphically in any HTML environment or can be integrated into complex programming to control external applications.

“Feeling is believing: emotions of successful events!”

Pulse measurement
Heart rate monitor


Interactive trade fair games are a success factor! In the multitude of offers, it is important to leave a lasting impression here, because trade fair games arouse the interest of visitors, act as eye-catchers on your trade fair stand and are a visitor magnet.

You still need a brilliant idea? – We develop game modules according to your specifications for the most diverse target groups and products, which can be ideally combined with our displays and video walls. Alternatively, you can choose from a large pool of ready-to-play programming, which we will be happy to adapt to the design of your event. Of course, we also offer these modules for your campaign for attractive long-term rental or in fixed installations.


From almost 25 years of experience we have developed our own product world in the different areas. Products that are more economical, more economical and more multifunctional than existing products on the market. We are constantly developing and adapting to the customer or the situation. Partner companies from the wood and metal sectors are an important necessity for us here and complement us professionally.